FLYZermatt - originally "Alpine Adventures Zermatt" Established 2006

Highlight of our trip  ★★★★★

Our second time having the privilege to fly with Stu and company! A few years ago we visited Zermatt and enjoyed our first paragliding experience ever with Alpine Adventures. We did not think twice about contacting them again on our second trip to Zermatt. Their customer service, serious attention to safety and paragliding expertise make them the best company in town!

Hollywood, Florida

WOW  ★★★★★

I was so scared in the beginning and then the guys just helped me! When we "jumped" it was amazing! The view from Zermatt it is just unbelievable! You must do it!!!!

Sion, Switzerland

Brilliant  ★★★★★

We had one of the best experiences of paragliding over the majestic Alps in Zermatt with Chris and Glen. A long wait owing to the weather was generously rewarded. Special mention must go to how easy and smooth and fun the whole experience of dealing with Alpine Adventures team was. Highly recommended.

Pune, India

Great experience  ★★★★★

I had actually walked into their office without a reservation but the team did their best to accommodate me and gave me a slot just 2 hours later. My tandem pilot was Chris and he was very experienced and friendly from start to finish. Thanks Chris for making this the highlight of my holiday!

Singapore, null, Singapore

Amazing Paragliding  ★★★★★

Fly Zermatt (Formerly Alpine Adventures) was an absolutely amazing experience. We went with our family (10yo, 14yo, my wife and I). We had never done anything of this sort before. The pilots make you feel extremely comfortable and are a great group of people.

I would recommend the Rothorn option (Classic High). We went first thing in the morning and caught the early morning thermals. If you are in Zermatt, you should not miss this. Even if you have some fear of heights, you will love it. Truly is as close to feeling like a bird as you can get.

Boston, Massachusetts

Great experience  ★★★★★

Went paragliding for the first time with these guys. Really good fun and an amazing flight. The views while you're paragliding are spectacular and the crew is very helpful. Awesome time :)

Dublin, Ireland

Wonderful flying!  ★★★★★

Me and my friend walked into the shop and asked if we can fly today, They said we can indeed fly now, so we flied immediately! Our pilots are Chris and Alex, both are so experienced and trustable. The flying was smooth and pleasant. I am actually afraid of height but it's not scary at all! Would definitely recommend to all Zermatt visitors! :)

Flight of a lifetime  ★★★★★

I can highly recommend this company - now known as Fly Zermatt - very experienced pilots. I have done a tandem paraglide before, but this location and height was something else. I flew with Stuart and my two friends went with Chris and Phil. We did "The Elite" flight from the Klein Matterhorn at 12,600 ft. It was a perfect day with perfect flight conditions. We remained aloft for at least 30min and flew over glaciers and crevasses, close to cliffs and icefalls, all in full view of the magnificent Matterhorn, before eventually landing gently at the edge of Zermatt. Having done this sort of thing before I wasn't at all worried, but my friends were quite anxious and their pilots put them at ease with their humor and obvious confidence and expertise. Thanks Stuart for a fabulous shared experience. :-))


A Must-Do in Zermatt  ★★★★★

One of the toughest things about Zermatt is all the options for wonderful activity opportunities you'll be presented with. It's a good problem to have. But no trip is complete without the wonders of paragliding. I am no adrenaline junkie and was talked into going by a friend. The experience was breath taking and did not disappoint. The guides are friendly, knowledgeable, safe and fun. I felt completely secure and safe the entire ride. Their love for paragliding quickly becomes contagious. The flight is beautiful and in terms of vertical distance traveled, is one of the longest in the world. You will not get better views from anywhere in Zermatt, and there is no better to experience the joy of flying. Fly Zermatt! No question about it.

Breathtaking Experience  ★★★★★

So glad I overcame my fear to go paragliding. My instructor, Chris, could not have been nicer and more professional. He talked me through what to expect and made it all fun. Once up all my fear went away and I sat back and enjoyed the views and the experience. Everyone of any age should do this - totally safe and exhilarating!

New York City, New York

Check this off your bucket list!  ★★★★★

My flight with Fly Zermatt was an incredible experience. I was pretty terrified but the entire team was laid back and friendly, and made everyone feel more at ease. I had an amazing flight with Glenn, with spectacular views of the Alps and Zermatt. We took off from Rothorn and had about a 20-30 minute flight. Easy takeoff, breathtaking flight, landing as smooth as butter. These guys definitely know what they're doing! If paragliding is something you've ever even thought about, I highly recommend you give Fly Zermatt a try.

Latham, New York

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