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  • How do I make a booking?
    Simply click on the BOOK NOW button found throughout our website or if you are already in Zermatt you are welcome to visit our office located in the Viktoria (Coop) Center, across the street from the Zermatt train station. We look forward to flying with you!
  • Do you offer Photos and Videos of the flight?
    Yes. Your pilot will take photos & video during the whole flight that you can then choose to purchase after viewing back in our office. The footage comes on the original “Micro SD card” from the camera with an SD card adaptor to play on your computer. We also have adapters to load footage directly on to certain smart phones if desired.
  • Are there any age or physical limits?
    Legally there are no age limits. For small children we generally recommend that the child is old enough to understand what they’re doing and want to fly. For those who are older and looking to check something off their bucket list, with the right conditions it’s possible to fly just about anyone who wants to. If you have a physical handicap, contact us directly and we can work out your options. Until now the youngest passenger we’ve had in Zermatt was 2.5 years old, the oldest was 96. For those under the age of 16 we will require consent from a parent or guardian. In terms of physical fitness all that is required is the ability to take a few quick steps at takeoff. We can generally take passengers weighing up to 120kg (265lbs), though above 90kg (220lbs) we do need to assess weather conditions and takeoff options.
  • Do you have female pilots?
    Yes. We are proud to have the only female tandem pilot in Zermatt. If you require a female pilot for your passenger flight here in Zermatt, please let us know as soon as possible to make sure she is available for you.
  • What if I’m afraid of heights?
    Don’t worry, everyone is! Almost everyone is nervous at the takeoff but only because they don’t know what to expect. As soon as your feet lift away from the mountain, you realize that you’re floating in mid air as apposed to looking over the edge of a building or cliff. It’s perspective that creates that overwhelming vertigo feeling. It’s more like looking out the window of a plane, only without anything blocking your view. Rarely do we have a passenger who doesn’t say directly after the takeoff *Wow! This is amazing… And not scary at all!!!
  • Jumping off a mountain scares me!
    Don’t worry, we don’t “jump” off of anything. A few fast steps down a slope and we lift into the air. No jumping, no cliffs!
  • I love Action!
    For those who like adrenalin, during your flight we can offer some acrobatics: “Wing Overs” and “Spirals” that will give you the roller-coaster thrill you’re looking for.
  • I don’t love Action!!!
    Let your pilot know so you can sit back in your super comfy bucket seat and enjoy the amazing view! We’ll keep it gentle and enjoyable.
  • What are the pilot’s qualifications?
    All of our tandem pilots are Swiss certified and highly experienced. The Swiss license is recognized as being the highest possible rating for paragliding pilots worldwide.
  • What should I bring for my flight?
    You should wear hiking shoes, warm clothing (even in summer) and sunglasses. If you don’t have any of these, let us know and we can lend you what you need, free of charge. In winter, if you are on a ski holiday, then your ski clothing is ideal. Your pilot will take photos & video during your flight that you can purchase after viewing the media back in our office. You can opt to bring your own video/still camera with you but you will have to prove to your pilot that it is securely connected to you so it can’t be dropped during the flight. (Mobile phones are not allowed to be used during flights.) We carry extra wind-proof overalls/clothing with us for you to use. If you are taller than 1.9m or size XL you should wear long wind-proof trousers and a wind-proof jacket. It is fine to wear corrective glasses. Don't forget your Swissrail pass or half fare card for a discount on your lift ticket to the takeoff.
  • Is transport included in the flight price?
    No. Our prices are for the flight only. Lift tickets are extra and can be purchased at our office or at the lift stations when heading up with our pilots. In the winter season if you have a ski pass, don’t forget to bring it, as that will cover your transport cost. In summer depending on your planned activities in Zermatt, there are various possibilities. Keep it simple and buy a 1 way ticket to your start point or visit for other options. Make sure you bring your Swiss Pass or 1/2 fare rail pass, to get a 50% discount on lift prices.
  • What about insurance?
    Every passenger should have their own personal, comprehensive health and accident insurance. If you are from a European country, then your insurance should cover paragliding. In addition to your own personal insurance all pilots that fly for FLYZermatt, have an additional medical coverage from “Generalli” for our passengers. This is valid for unlimited medical costs for up to five years, and covers passengers who don’t have insurance covering paragliding. Click here for full insurance details. (in German)
  • How much experience or training is required?
    As the passenger, no experience or training is required. Our pilots however, are all fully qualified (Swiss Tandem License) and experienced to give you the safest and most enjoyable flight possible. Before takeoff, all passengers are given a short briefing by their pilot on what to do and what not to do.
  • What times do you fly?
    In the summer months we generally start flying between 8:00am and 8.30am and allow approximately 1.5hour turnaround for each flight. Depending on daylight hours the last flight is generally around 5pm but can be earlier or later depending on light and weather conditions. During the Summer months, flight bookings for mid-afternoon may have to be cancelled at short notice if the valley wind gets too strong.
  • Where should we meet for our flight?
    We generally meet at our office. It is very easy to find, being located in the Viktoria shopping center, opposite the main train station, in the same corridor as the COOP supermarket. If you prefer, we can also arrange to meet at the appropriate lift station, or up on the mountain, this can be arranged on confirming your flight.
  • How long does it take?
    You need to allow approximately 1.5 hours for flights from Rothorn, Gornergrat, Rotenboden, Blauherd and Riffelberg and approximately 2-3 hours for flights from Klein Matterhorn.
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