FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about Tandem Paragliding in Zermatt

General questions and answers about going tandem paragliding in Zermatt.

Q-Question  I’m afraid of heights!

Don’t worry, everyone is! Oddly, there really isn’t any feeling of being *up high* when flying on a paraglider – very rarely do we have a passenger who doesn’t say directly after the start *Wow! This is amazing… And not scary at all!!!*

Q-Question  Are there any age limits?

No, there are no age limits. For small children we generally recommend that the child is old enough to understand what it is they’re doing and want to fly. For those of us who are older and looking to check off an item on their bucket list — with the right conditions it’s possible to fly just about anyone who wants to fly. If you have a physical handicap, then please just get in touch with us beforehand.

Q-Question  Jumping off a mountain scares me!

Don’t worry — we don’t *jump* off of anything. A few fast steps on an easy slope to pull the wing up over our heads and check that all is ready for flight, then depending on the wind, either a couple of steps or a bit of a run, and voilá, we float away! No jumping, no cliffs!

Q-Question  I love Action!

For those passengers who like some action, we can do some easy acrobatics: so called “Wing Overs” and “Spirals” will give you the roller-coaster thrill you’re looking for.



Q-Question  I don’t love Action!!!

Sit back in the super comfy bucket seat and enjoy the amazing view! Your pilot will keep it all gentle and enjoyable.

Q-Question  What are the pilot’s qualifications?

All tandem pilots in Switzerland have a Swiss Tandem Pilot’s license and are highly qualified. The Swiss license is one of the highest/toughesst possible ratings for paragliding pilots the world over.

Q-Question  What should I bring for my flight?

You should wear good, sturdy, warm shoes, sunglasses and warm clothing (even in summer). If you need something, just ask your pilot — they should be able to help you with any missing items.

Q-Question  Is there a weight limit?

The tandem wings flown are rated to a total of 220 kilograms (485 lbs). This is the weight of pilot, passenger and all equipment. We fly with passengers who weigh anywhere from 10 kg to 140 kg. If you are extremely light, we will pair you with a heavier pilot and if you are heavy, a lighter pilot. Very heavy passengers and passengers with disabilities will require an optimal take-off wind and some assistance — please let us know if this is you!



Q-Question  Are lift tickets up the mountain included in the price?

No. The flight prices are only for the actual flight. Lift tickets are extra and the responsibility of the passenger. If you are skiing in the winter, odds are you’ll already have a lift pass, and in the summer make sure you bring along your Swiss Pass or 1/2 Tax rail passes, which will give you a 50% discount on the lift prices.

Q-Question  Is it possible to book in advance?

You can send us your general contact information and wishes in advance, but for a confirmed booking we require you to meet us at least a day before your flight to make full payment (if it’s not possible to fly due to weather, you will receive a full refund!).

Q-Question  Do you make Photos and Videos of the flight?

Yes. Your pilot will have a high-end GoPro wide angle sports camera on a telescopic stick — they have a lot of experience in taking great shots and videos of your flight. The cost of the photos & videos is an optional extra to your flight price. Come view them after your flight and optionally purchase the MicroSD chip (with SD and USB adaptors) if you like them.

Q-Question  What about insurance?

Every passenger should have their own personal, comprehensive health and accident insurance. If you are from a European country, then your insurance should cover paragliding.

In addition to your own personal insurance FlyZermatt has added an additional medical coverage from Generalli for our passengers. This is valid for unlimited medical costs for up to five years, and covers those cases where our passengers don’t have insurance that covers paragliding.



Q-Question What are the dates for Summer and Winter Flights?

Our Summer and Winter times match the Zermatt Bergbahnen season times (and these vary slightly every year). Generally the Winter season runs from the beginning of December until the end of April and Summer season from the start of July until the beginning of October. Spring and Autumn flights fall between.

For specific timing details, please see the Zermatt Bergbahnen timetable.